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The Nissan ZEOD RC made history at the Le Mans 24 Hours by becoming the first car to ever record an all-electric lap of the Circuit de la Sarthe on nothing but electric power.

The team had already achieved its first goal during Thursday night qualifying when it topped 300km/h on the Mulsanne Straight.

During the morning warm-up on Saturday, GT Academy winner Wolfgang Reip was behind the wheel when the complete 8.5 mile lap with zero emissions was achieved. 

The Nissan ZEOD RC occupied “Garage 56” at Le Mans – an additional entry reserved by the Automobile Club de l'Ouest for cars showcasing new an innovative technology.
“It is a huge thrill for me to become the first ever driver to complete an all-electric lap of Le Mans – especially since this is my debut at the race,” Reip said.
“I used electricity to originally become a racing driver through GT Academy and now I’ve used it again to achieve this tremendous goal. I’m really thrilled for the entire team and honored I got the chance to be behind the wheel when it first happened.
“I actually got held up by a GT car during the lap. I was able to get past and it was quite a strange sensation to go by on electric power.”
The Nissan ZEOD RC (zero emissions on demand) allows the drive to switch between two power sources – the pair of electric motors or the unique 1.5 liter, 40 kilogram, 400 horsepower three-cylinder internal combustion engine.

Paul Ryan Media handled media, communications and marketing for Nissan for the ZEOD RC program.